Our receptionist – the Wonderful Wendy

What am I like at work?
I love my work and the people I work with! I would call them my work-family. I spend lots of hours during the week with them and we all share that same caring and helpful attitude towards our patients. I am very passionate about looking after our patients’ needs. Since I have been at Oakleigh Dentist, I have gotten to know some of our patients, who are always nice and respectful and I look forward to being here for a long time and getting to know and assist many more patients, whether new or existing.

Who am I outside of work?
Outside work, I am busy dealing with a husband who is very supportive and loves baking and also two pre-teen girls who are always rambunctious and caring. We love spending time together, whether it be watching TV or going on shopping adventures. I am blessed to live close to my parents, so I get lots of support from them and we get to spend most weekends with them and other members of my extended family.

My favourite hobby:
I enjoy reading novels, watching TV series and documentaries and my downfall with that is that I can easily read a book or watch a documentary till 3am. So, I try to limit the amount of time I spend doing those things and have now taken up knitting.

My dream holiday destination:
I would love to go to the country that I was born in – El Salvador. It has beautiful beaches and majestic landscapes. The people are friendly and most importantly I still have family over there so it will always pull at my heart’s strings.